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From ISI forums –> “[we] don’t go near the Howston G4 – it’s just too wayward & difficult”


Vehicle spotlight – Skip Barber

Haven’t spent much time with the Skippy lately but was testing some combos today and was thinking about the many great things about this vehicle and wanted to record them.

To begin with, this car is incredibly versatile.  No other car has more great combos than the Skippy.  One of the reasons for this is that the car is great at both short and medium tracks.  It is plenty nimble for Mores or Euroring but can also demand constant attention at longer tracks due to the high degree of balance and throttle control it demands.  The availability of both slick and street tires just adds to the flexibility.

Another way this car shines is that it embodies the magic combination of being both fun and challenging at the same time which, again, is further supported by the tire options.

And if that’s not enough, the car is also the vehicle used by the Skip Barber training school, is the main character in ‘Going Faster’ an excellent training video freely available on You Tube (thanks, Skip!), and is even accompanied in rF2 by Lime Rock Park, a real-life location of the Skip Barber racing school.

There are undoubtedly many more but combos certified by Irreverent Racers include Euroring, Mores, Toban, Motorsports Ranch, Putnam Park and Phillip Island.

New mission statement / philosophy

Irreverent Racers – Because sim racing ≠ IRL racing

Irreverent Racers understand that sim racing is different than IRL racing. Sense of speed, seat of pants, longitudinal g-forces, danger, expense, etc. etc. etc. don’t exist in sim racing. Irreverent Racers believe straights are boring in sim racing. Most immersion, challenge and feedback occur in the turns. Irreverent Racers believe you should not be able to drink a beer and race at the same time, so combos need to keep you on your toes to keep you from getting bored.

Irreverent Racers accept that driving the best combos means offline racing since most online racing involves IRL combos and championships. For best results, be sure to change the AI limiter (should be zero) and auto line smooth (should be 3) in the player file.

Finally, Irreverent Racers make the most of what is available and don’t get bent out of shape if sim software isn’t optimally designed to their specifications or their most anticipated mod is not released yesterday. There is more than enough already available to keep you satisfied indefinitely. All you need is the right attitude.

Step one in your initiation as an Irreverent Racer begins with learning how to drive. Google ‘Skip Barber Going Faster’ and watch the whole video (should be at least an hour or two). Without the necessary driving skill and practice, you will experience the opposite problem to boredom, which is frustration. Make no mistake. Combos certified by Irreverent Racers are challenging. You will find, however, that the reward awaiting you for going through the learning curve will dwarf the effort you invest.

This does NOT mean that you cannot enjoy better sim racing IMMEDIATELY. You can jump in a Lada TODAY and take it to Toban Long Reverse, Motorsports Ranch 1.3, Putnam chicane, Phillip Island, Euroring or Mores.

Once you know how to drive, then you are ready for step two, which is experiencing the very best sim racing has to offer. Jump in a Civic, T280, SLS safety car, Spark F2, 65 Howston G6 or the Skip Barber and head to Lienz or Route 666. Many of these cars may also work well on some of the Lada tracks but have not been tested yet. These combos should be enough for a good long time of solid offline racing. The better your driving skills, the deeper the physics and the more challenging the combo, the less you are going to crave a continuous stream of new content. Concentrate on vehicle dynamics, meditation and appreciating how convincingly the cars respond to your inputs and what an amazing accomplishment rF2 is and how awesome physics as a science is and how great technical driving is. Picture yourself just being out with friends driving fast and sharing a common passion for driving fast and having fun. Having said that, Irreverent Racers are always testing newly available content for worthy combos so check back often for newly ‘certified’ combos, reviews, analysis and challenges.

When you are ready for the truly insane, and only after reading the 60s F1 Driving Tips, take the Spark F1 (be sure to follow setup guidelines in the 60s F1 Driving Tips) to Black Hole Ring (a must!), Interlagos version 0.56, Malaysia Full, Silverstone, Modern Spa, Austin, Suzuka or Nurburg GP.

Notable ISI forum posts

Just wanted to share some posts that reflect what I have been thinking about lately:





Combo of the week – T280 @ Lienz

Amazing combo and also my favorite combo ATM and it has been a long time since my favorite combo did not involve the Spark F1. Lienz tends to bring out the best in vehicles IMO, though, and I haven’t run Spark F2 or Spark F1 here recently since Mario has just corrected (or better stated compensated for particle FPS problem in current build) FPS issue with Lienz. Thanks, Mario! Looking forward to Mountain Forest rain drop issue next, of course :p

AI set to 95% and achieved last to first in < 3 laps so will set strength to 100% for next race, which is now! 🙂