Silverstone complete ; On to Modern Spa

Silverstone was fun. Looking forward to returning when it comes back up in my rotation or the surface is completed, whichever comes first. Got 10th place after a number of offs and incidents. Had fastest lap time which was 1+ seconds faster than other cars. Likely would have been able to be in top 5 without incidents so that gives me something to concentrate on for the next race here. Limiting self to one race per day definitely increasing intensity of the race because you only have one shot at winning (I also don’t allow re-starts under any circumstances).

Having clearly-defined purpose of using rf2 for meditative purposes makes race outcome irrelevant, although more consistent lap times and fewer incidents will reflect better focus, etc. so that is good and is only reason for reviewing race stats (other than just nerding out).

Next track is Modern Spa which I am looking forward to as it is, as much as any other track, about focus, concentration and self-control.