Portugal update and Malaysia status

Found excellent racing at Portugal with 93% AI strength. Came close to a win (2nd place) with 92% AI so will stick with 93% because good battling and if I win then all the better, but taking a break from Portugal for now.

At Malaysia, racing 95% AI strength and provides good competition. So much temptation to overdrive here but when settle in and concentrate can go much faster. Having problems with TrackMap plugin flashing on and off here so don’t know what that means but refuse to re-install / troubleshoot so will wait for next build instead.

Have been enjoying testing other tracks and other mods but need to be careful to focus and not get carried away with rf2 addiction.

Toward that end, I am going to limit myself to 2 10-lap races per day and also try to avoid checking forums, etc. too often. That way, I don’t have to commit in advance to a combo but will be an important decistion given only two attempts per day. I may also enstate a rule where I have to spend as much time exercising as playing rf2. We’ll see how that goes 🙂