First Attempt at Challenge

Results –> Link

Above results are against 91% AI strength.  First attempt at 93% was a joke.  Second race against 91% was terrible also with 4 seconds separating fastest lap from average lap.  AI had somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 seconds separating best and average.  May try again after dinner.  Probably a mistake to attempt on empty stomach.  Final race position was 12th.  Very sloppy and bumps really getting to me visually.

Edit – Data points from this race as template for future race analysis:

Race winner = Alex Berger
Race winner best lap = 01:43.4608
Race winner average lap = 01:45.4086
Race winner best possible = 01:43.4155
My position = 12
My best lap = 01:44.6650
My average lap = 01:48.6787
My best possible = 01:43.7631
My best sector = Sector 2 (2nd)
My pre-race personal best = N/A or need to lookup if not beaten
My starting fuel = N/A
Overall best lap = 01:43.1798 (Luigi Bretodeau)